Why is this right for me?

Your pain is caused by the way in which you use yourself in your work – it may be computer work, tennis, or playing the piano or violin. You are not aware of the damage you are causing yourself because this way of working or playing feels normal to you.

In fact, it is not.

The Alexander Technique helps you to become aware of the things you are doing to hurt yourself, and teaches you to stop doing them. You can use your skills to bring ease and poise not just to your specialised work, but to everything that you do in your life. Because you can (also) use them to prevent or reduce pain if it recurs, you regain control over your life.

In an Alexander Technique lesson the teacher helps you to become aware of the tensions you are holding in your neck, or back, or shoulders. She works with you to release them, in simple everyday actions, as well as in the specialised movements of your work.

This skill helps you refine and alter all your other skills. In addition, it quietly transforms every aspect of your life as well.

The basic muscle habits that we use in our daily actions are what we extend, in a stronger form, into the work we do like using the computer, chopping vegetables at the kitchen counter or playing an instrument. When we learn to improve them, the effect is felt across the range of our actions.


Back on Track – The Indian Centre for Alexander Technique

Padmini Menon runs the only certified Indian Centre for the Alexander Technique in Bangalore.

This is the first centre in India devoted to the Alexander Technique, where you learn

  • skills which you can apply in all areas of your life
  • how to let go of tensions that you don’t even know you have
  • how to quietly transform every aspect of your life

Padmini has undergone a three year full time Teacher Training course at the Alexander Technique College in Brighton, UK. She has been practicing and teaching the technique since 2008, and has helped people with disorders like RSI, chronic back pain, and neck pain.

Many also enrol for courses not because they have any specific ailment,but
simply because they are looking for a sense of greater ease and well being.