About Me

I first heard about the Alexander Technique in connections with the free and effortless use of the voice in singing, but I quickly became fascinated by the ideas on which it is based. When I eventually thought about a career change, I decided to train in the Alexander Technique.

I have completed a three year full time Teacher Training course at the Alexander Technique College in Brighton, UK, and have been practicing and teaching the technique since 2008. Currently, I am the only certified resident Alexander Technique teacher in India.

My students include people from all walks of life and all age groups. While some of them suffer from disorders like RSI, migraine, chronic back pain, and neck pain, others come not because they have any specific ailment, but simply because they are looking for a sense of greater ease and well being.

Earlier, I was a teacher for many years at the Rishi Valley School in Madanpalle, and thereafter at the Valley School in Bangalore.

I live and work in Bangalore, and travel to other cities in India to conduct classes or workshops.

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