The Alexander Technique helps you:
  • Prevent, manage or control pain
  • Identify and let go of the harmful postural habits you have built up over years of stress
  • Move with grace and ease
  • Get back to the activities you used to enjoy

    The Alexander Technique is for you if you would like to have a strong, supportive, painfree back.

    The Alexander Technique is a gentle non-invasive way of releasing tensions which interfere with the optimal working of your muscles.

    It can teach you to deal effectively with issues of discomfort, stiffness or pain that are caused by the work you are doing. For example, this technique can help you to work at the computer for long hours without damaging yourself.

    The Alexander Technique can help you to sit, stand and move with economy, grace and ease of movement.


    Back on Track is the first centre in India devoted to the Alexander Technique, where you learn

    • how to let go of tensions that you don’t even know you have
    • skills which you can apply in all areas of your life
    • how to quietly transform every aspect of your life.
    Alexander Technique India